8 Powerful Tips for More Effective Marketing



James Heaton of Tronvig Group once said, “No one buys what you sell, they buy what is of value to them”. Marketers and public relations professionals are on an unending quest for folks to buy into products, services and personas. The underlying goal is to be the brand people value. The question then becomes: How do you become of value to an audience and get them on board with your products and services?

Here are 8 tips to employ on the journey to customer and fan loyalty:

1. Know Your Audience

By audience we mean the folks that are actually already into your company, your products and your services; we are not talking about potential audience or the audience or client base you wish you already had.

2. Change Your Perspective

Now that you have identified the audience you have – look at EVERYTHING from THEIR perspective. What do they…

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